Digital diary

Today we try to capture ourselves in selfie and avatar
We want to show our preferred self to ourselves and the world
The image can easily be changed and as often as we like
How much control do we have? Are we any closer to knowing who or what we are?
Or is it enough to play, knowing that people are many people

Robert Cornelius was born in Philadelphia
His parents had immigrated from Amsterdam in 1783
As a young boy he developed an interest in chemistry
In 1831 he began working for his father, a silversmith, specializing in
silver plating and metal polishing
His work was of such high quality that he was approached by inventor Joseph Saxton,
to create a silver plate for his daguerreotype of Central High School
This assignment sparked his interest in photography

Combining his own knowledge of chemistry and metallurgy, Robert tried to perfect the daguerreotype
Around October 1839, Cornelius took a portrait of himself outside the family store
This image is the first know portrait of a human in world history and the first known selfie

The following code text is a passage from the Word sourcecode describing the image below,
‘Dreaming about reality’

I don’t know which part of the image it represents, but I like to think it’s the bloody nose
The whole code has a volume of 78 pages

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