Photo constructions

Photo construction is an adaptation of collage making I developed looking for a way to use photography more freely

When you take a picture you capture a visual manifestation.
Whether you use an analogue or a digital camera,
that moment is the same. And a reminder that the world around us is not familiar and clear.
A certain degree of routine can make it seem so however.
Very often, photographs are not a final, finished product for me.
I use them as material, technically good or not.
As long as they are suitable to express an idea.

From the start, I wanted to use photography more like painters use paint.
Paint is smooth and allows all kinds of forms, colours and compositions.
Most importantly: it’s not an image.
A photograph is prescriptive: paper is solid, it often contains a familiar image and somebody’s observation.
So to work with photographs I first need to destroy the images.

Construction means deconstruction.


Recent works 2021 -2018